Balboa Park:
Branding a Major City Attraction
for Local and Tourist Markets

The Opportunity: To unify the image of 21 cultural institutions within Balboa Park into one consistent, coherent brand identity that would appeal to and attract local as well as tourist customers. With a united brand position, the various Park entities could then pool and leverage their advertising and promotion budgets to maximize impact and exposure. Likewise they could design and build individual promotional programs to fit within and reflect the overall branded framework. A major goal: to find consensus on brand identity and marketing direction among the many stakeholders in the 21 various institutions.

The DGW Solution: The proprietary process of BrandDiscovery Workshops proved again to be the essential tool for setting brand identity and direction, and for gaining vital consensus with all stakeholders. The 1-1/2 day session brought together a meeting of the minds from 45 participants, including the Executive Directors and Marketing Directors from all 21 institutions. The resulting brand proposition, strategies and tactics then provided the direction for creative execution of new Balboa Park logo, literature, advertisements, signage and more.

The Result: This program is still ongoing. Limited budgets have stretched the execution of advertising and sales promotion over several budget cycles. To date, literature, advertising, some signage, and web site has been completed.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club:
Re-branding for a New Generation

The Opportunity: Expand the customer base of thoroughbred horse racing audience. Brand rejuvenation and expansion was the goal of this high-profile local venue. As their traditional customer aged and attendance dropped, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club was placed in a position to update their facility as well as their brand image in order to broaden their appeal to a much broader and younger audience. Part of the challenge was to achieve a fresh new look without alienating the older track-betting audience.

The DGW Solution: DGW developed a versatile logo that embodied the spirit and excitement of horse racing while capturing the casual culture of Southern California. The logo was flexible enough to be executed in bold contemporary color pallets for younger audiences or more traditional subdued executions for the Turf Club older audience. The logo itself became an icon for the racetrack that translated well for all kinds of applications including signage, literature and advertising.

The Result: Resounding approval from the older as well as the newer track visitors. Promotions such as free hats on opening day that featured the new logo brought attendance to new record highs. The new brand was implemented over a period of several years applying it to merchandise, vehicles, banners, advertising, stationery systems, all office correspondence and signage that resulted in a very well coordinated and integrated brand identity. The brand has become a key identifier for the track that has seen continuing gain in revenue each year.

First Future Credit Union:
Know the Local Market and Match the Local Media

The Opportunity: The merger of two large San Diego credit unions into one new entity with a new name and new services presented the opportunity for a broad and breakthrough positioning strategy. With branches throughout San Diego County and customers and prospects ranging a broad demographic profile, the new First Future introduction in the highly competitive financial marketplace required a communications platform that not only addressed many fronts, but that also provided highly differentiated positioning. The goal: to become marketing-driven on a community-wide basis to aggressively grow and sustain market share.

The DGW Solution: Review of competitive profiles and national/local Credit Union Association research, DGW recommended innovative "Lifestage Marketing" as the product and service model for the new enterprise. Establishing name initiatives, a new brand logo, and the positioning statement, "Every Step of the Way", DGW designed and developed the brand platform for all marketing communications programs. Designing the logo, literature systems, advertisements, signage, branch office interior graphics, and all other marketing touchpoint elements, DGW created a totally integrated identity that provided a highly differentiated brand image.

The Result: After benchmark awareness and preference surveys, a diversified media mix including radio, newspaper, e-marketing and outdoor provided the synergistic combination to drive the right outcomes – increased deposits and loan demand. A follow-up survey was conducted at the end of the media blitz to gauge increased name awareness and preference for the new brand and to establish media budget expenditures into the future, which still continue.

School of Music and Dance:
What is branding? Everyone marching to the same tune.

The Opportunity:Unifying the image and messaging of a 75-year-old school within San Diego State University was the goal. A revitalized brand needed the artistic style and messaging that pulled together various constituent expectations for this venerable school for innovative music and dance. 

The DGW Solution:Effective branding is all about meeting and sustaining constituent expectations.  Online surveys of students, parents, faculty and alumni combined with faculty workshops provided the positioning needed to satisfy all audiences.

The Result: Input from the research wrote the score for the School's core brand yielding a new logo and graphics, messaging system, and a refreshed view and vitality for all. With constituent input the transition to the rebranding was on target, embraced, and didn't miss a beat.

Overland: Positioning For Going Public

The Opportunity: Prior to going public, Overland Data sought a strategic position and distinctive brand identity within the highly competitive data storage marketplace. With no consistent messaging, graphics, or even an entrenched mission, the company needed a from-the-ground-up initiative to devise and direct it's branding and communications programs.

The DGW Solutions: Primary market research established benchmark awareness and preference for the Overland name and products within the customer, distributor and dealer channel communities. BrandDiscovery Workshops conducted with management and sales teams resolved inconsistent objectives, built consensus and established a common mission and messaging system.

A clear brand proposition, a customer-based creative platform with positioning line, a name revision, a new graphic look and logo, corporate stationery and sales literature system, coherent and consistent advertising, a product naming hierarchy, trade show graphics and promotions, sales channel mailings and communications template set Overland on a self-sustaining course for effective brand presence and recognition.

The Result: Follow up interviews/surveys with distributors and dealers yielded double-digit point gains in awareness and preference for the Overland name and products. Having grown from a $30 million private entity before the branding initiative to a $100 million public company, Overland today is a significant and growing supplier in the tape drive storage market.

Qualcomm: Develop a Consistent Brand — Worldwide

The Opportunity: To meld all worldwide marketing division efforts under a common, recognizable brand and to package all communications into a single system was the objective. Various sales and marketing offices around the world needed a structured branded, format and consistent messaging to configure their own localized communications programs.

The DGW Solution: Secondary research and internal management BrandDiscovery workshops provided the substance for defining a comprehensive messaging system. Advertisements with universal images and production standards then set the graphic format, key messages and copy content for worldwide brand identity. In the same style, a dynamic literature system programmed all sales materials into a "library" of briefcase packages that provided field guidance for material dissemination and usage. Consistent product naming conventions were devised and finally, a "Style Guide" was written and designed to set and demonstrate the parameters and standards for all of the Division's communication efforts.

The Result: A fully branded Wireless Infrastructure Division was sold to competitor Ericcson at a substantial premium to the hard asset value.