Successful branding is all about fulfilling expectations. Focus on your customers' wants and needs, and how to consistently deliver them – and your brand will come to stand for that customerbased way of doing business.

Our branding and graphic design clients say it best.

"The BrandDiscovery process really helped us focus. We were able to sort through the issues and establish a direction that we all agreed upon. The process produces very actionable, tangible results."
- Marketing Director, Qualcomm & Leap Wireless

"Bringing 21 Balboa Park cultural institutions into consensus was a formidable task and I will always be grateful to DesignGroupWest. The BrandDiscovery process brought us to agreement quickly and delivered a clear direction on brand direction. The logo is beautiful and well received by all audiences. The creative execution has been great and always on strategy."
- Nancy Higgins, Director, Balboa Park Marketing

"A branding and messaging process that is both simple and practical, taking the mystery out of creating a hard hitting, high-recognition brand. We went from a 1-in-10 name recognition to 7-in-10 – with no increase in marketing dollars!"
Marketing Manager, Overland Storage

"It is hard to verbalize just how very helpful you and your team were in our process of "discovery" of our brand identity. I would strongly recommend the BrandDiscovery workshop process to ANY organization that seeks to improve the effectiveness of its message to customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders. We were greatly pleased with the outcome."
- President, Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates

"The BrandDiscovery process and Ken Alfrey's ability to distill information to form the core priorities in our branding proposition and messaging systems was truly impressive and inspiring to all of us at Winds. We came out of the workshop refreshed and with a greatly enhanced clarity and focus on who we are and where we want to go. I wholeheartedly recommend the BrandDiscovery Workshop."
- President & CEO, WINDS Enterprises

"BrandDiscovery provided Pacific Coast National Bancorp the foundation for a business model on how we should market in the very competitive banking arena. Without this process, we would have floundered without focus and direction. BrandDiscovery delivered the actionable initiatives we needed to move ahead with confidence."
- President & COO, Pacific Coast National Bank

"The branding workshop conducted by Ken Alfrey made us think differently about our key audiences, helped us to focus more on our customers' expectations instead of our services, and really challenged us to determine what sets our organization above the rest. The professional approach, branding process and calming influence helped us to focus."
- Director of Public Relations & Community Affairs, Volunteers of America of Southwest California

"The BrandDiscovery Workshop helped our team better understand our customer segments, identify which segments were more profitable, and helped us develop the appropriate message to deliver to each of those segments."
- President, Castle Access, Inc.