Balboa Park

This major San Diego attraction required a robust web site with lots of information and easy updates.

Life Settlement Solutions

A new website for Life Settlements Solutions asserts the brand's new look and helps differentiate the insurance entity from the pack.

Ridge Capital Group

A new entrant into the life insurance settlements business niche, Ridge Capital Group launched the brand with new logo, collateral and web site that firmly positions them as a substantial and credible market force.

Pin High

"Order Now" for golf club labels that are a quick and simple e-commerce purchase.

Enterpreneurial Management Center

Design and navigation that captures the highly dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and programs at San Diego State University's business school.

Music Studios

The new logo, colors and style set the stage for a site that expresses this school's artistic and creative curriculum and performances.

Pacific Coast
National Bank

Friendly. Community. Service. All in the welcoming tones that is Southern California at its understated best.

Certified Investment Recovery

Visitors to this site need to understand right away the options available to them for managing or disposing of surplus equipment and assets.

Lemurian Fellowship

The peace and tranquility that comes with the spiritual, purposeful life shows through in this site's design and imagery.

San Diego
Trust Bank

Straightforward and reliable are the hallmark attributes of this venerable banking institution. Visitors to the site will agree.

of San Diego

The web site continues the brand expression in logo, literature and all communications from this renowned university.

Engineering Studies

What else but clean and green for this environmental enterprise? Perhaps a simple, but different navigation design that suggests there are many ways to achieve the same goals.